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'Two patients and one other - a patient or a visitor? And what happened to the goldfish? A funny, touching play.'

Visiting Hours

Millie has come to visit her friend in hospital. But where is she? Wandering into a ward, she becomes friendly with Annie and Rose, two eccentric, argumentative patients. Things come to a head when Annie accuses Rose of saving up her sleeping pills in order to do away with herself; while Rose accuses Annie of having murdered her mother. Furious, Annie jumps off her bed, drags Rose off hers and together they grapple on the floor. Millie tries to save the day by singing in a very loud, discordant voice attracting the attention of George, the nurse, who manages to restore order to the ward. Millie eventually leaves but later returns when all is quiet and lights are out. Lost and forlorn, she climbs into the bed she had previously occupied, and pulls the covers up to her chin. 

All three characters are haunted by their pasts, their separate memories, and their losses..

2 males, 5 females

single set – hospital ward