Performed on radio. 
Recently performed at East Lane Theatre Club, Wembley, London.
Performed on radio and in Harrow.
Performed by Plockton Amateur Dramatic Society for Annual Scottish Community Festival



         Published by stage scripts ltd

A modern one act comedy, this play is a royal story played by characters performing a role play. Easy to cast with one set, and ideal for amateurs, clubs and drama festivals. 

ABOUT:  Princess Maud has had enough of royal life and leaves the palace to become a secretary to a firm of solicitors. But try as she does, she cannot rid herself of her crown and royal ways. When she finally succeeds in casting off a very physical tie to her past, an unexpected event compels Maud to revise her decision. 

'This is an entertaining little romp that will appeal to many groups '- Amateur Stage Magazine

3f 3m

One set

Present day

Approx: running time: 30 mins


'This play has fun and pathos running through it. An adult fairy-tale with a twist.'


Published by stage scripts ltd

'A heart-warming comedy on the theme of loneliness about two people from different backgrounds who meet by chance in the woods". 

''A smashing play that opens with gentle comedy,
touches on loneliness, mentions pet love and concludes
with an unexpected friendship.'

    The Woman Writer

   1f  2m
 Present day - one very simple set
Running time: Approx 3o mins       

ABOUT: Conventional, middle-aged Jen goes for her daily walk in the nearby woods and meets Steve, a straight-talking vagrant. He invites her back to his home, a large cardboard box set among a clump of fir trees shortly to be felled. Hesitant, but desperately wanting to widen her horizons, Jen accepts; and so develops a bond between two people whose backgrounds are widely different. But there are questions: why does Steve insist that she owns a dog when she insists that she does not? Are things really as they seem? Or has Steve an agenda that Jen knows nothing about... until that is, she looks deep into the corner of his box. A play with bite!


                 VISITING HOURS

                     Published by stage scripts ltd
                                  Stagescripts Ltd: Publishers and Licensing Agent for play
Two patients and one other… a visitor, or patient? And what happened to the goldfish?'  
                                        A funny, touching play.'
          5f 2m
         Single set.
         Present day

ABOUT: Millie has come to visit her friend in hospital. Wandering into a ward, she becomes friendly with Annie and Rose, two eccentric, argumentative patients. Things come to a head when Annie accuses Rose of saving up her sleeping pills in order to do away with herself, while Rose accuses Annie of having murdered her mother. The normally meek Millie becomes a surprisingly good judge and jury of Rose and Annie's dispute. At the end, the mystery of Millie's friend is finally solved.


Performed by Plockton Drama Group, Scotland
Reading at the Society of Women Writers & Journalists
And recently at East Lane Theatre Club, Wembley, London.