An anthology of original monologues
duologues and playlets devised for the older performer.

Publisher: Stage Scripts Ltd
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"... a perfect example of the craft of miniature play-writing..." 

Prof Ken Pickering


Short Play Scripts: 'An English Country Garden' by Jane Lockyer Willis

Written for actors who wish to explore character, emotion and motivation, the author has penned an entertaining anthology comprising thirteen monologues and five duologues

Each piece is complete in itself with the entire anthology offering a wide range of choice and content, both amusing and sad, capturing not only the essence of aspects of British life but also the deep issues that lie beneath the apparently idyllic surface. The pieces range in length from three to seven minutes

They can be performed for auditions, festivals and party pieces, or tailored towards an evening's entertainment. Just the book to have on your shelf when you need a few minutes entertainment!


  • Colour Me Beautiful (1f) 3 mins
  • Waiting For Jesus (1m) 6 mins
  • An English Country Garden (1f) 4 mins
  • I Only Want to Help (1f) 7 mins
  • Mr Right (1f) 7 mins
  • Time And Tide Wait For No Man (1f) 7 mins
  • Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1f) 5 mins
  • Tricksie (1m) 3 mins
  • And Your Name Is? (1f) 3 mins
  • Adagio (1m) 4 mins
  • Hear My Prayer (1f) 4 mins
  • Hard Hats Should Be Worn (1m) 4 mins
  • Flim-Flam (1m) 4 mins


  • I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (2m) 7 mins
  • Deception (2f) 5 mins
  • In The Nick Of Time (1m, 1f) 4 mins
  • Open To The Public (2f) 4 mins
  • Two Portraits (2f) 4 mins