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'Twenty tales to delight and treasure'

'A delightful potpourri by a writer who captures the  reader's imagination with each narrative. 
I thoroughly enjoyed each twist and turn.'

Comprises 20 eclectic stories to move and amuse.


I bought your book 'Tea at the Opalaco'.  In fact, I have just finished it.  I really enjoyed the stories, especially as I rarely read fiction. I learnt a lot through reading your book. Thank you so much. 

Jill Goldman (Retired journalist)

A delightful collection of stories dissecting mostly middle-class mores which, on the one hand, offer them the respect they deserve and, on the other, hang them out to dry. The playing field is often Miss Marple country and the level of shock at the revelations modest by any standards . . . but the characters are beautifully drawn and the depth of impact on those involved can be devastating. And there are gems amongst them. The Visit - don't we all have an Isobel in our lives? Something Unspoken - where in fact there are all sorts of things that have gone unspoken; it took me two readings to unravel them all. Miss Henry - I am certain she taught me too. 5 Gresham Place - well, no modest revelations there, far from it! Amongst the herbaceous borders and cream teas there is something for everyone. (Odimoi)

A broad selection of short stories with varied themes that hold the interest of the reader. In short, a very enjoyable book. (Jon)


     I enjoyed reading Tea at The Opalaco which is the latest book written by Jane Lockyer Willis. I thought the stories most entertaining & varied with good descriptive writing. They certainly held one’s attention & were a good commentary on life!

I’d certainly recommend it as ‘a good read.’ (Mary Mumford)

Jane Lockyer Willis has delighted with an eclectic mix of short stories in Tea at the Opalaco and other stories.Tales full of real life characters, bruised by upbringing or hiding feelings behind a veneer of socially acceptable behavior then rebelling and throwing off the conventions. Ghostly happenings and much more. 

I particularly liked 'Tin Wedding' – though I, like Robert, swear to being able to tell marg from butter!

A thoroughly enjoyable read. – (Leslie Boulis)

Thoroughly enjoyed these delightful, satisfying stories, written with a humorous edge.

 (Ron Nicol  - playwright)

An eclectic collection of stories exploring human relations

Tearooms, picnics, weddings and romantic encounters abound


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My novel 'Guys and Ghosts' now out. Published by TSL Books
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Take an old English manor in an old English village; add a handful of ghosts, two psychics, a vicar, a curate, a haunted pub and you have all the ingredients for a funny story. This fast moving, merry read makes an ideal gift for anyone with a sense of fun and who enjoys pure entertainment.

  1. Anne S

    As a non-believer in the para-normal I approached this book with some reluctance, but from the first few pages

  2.  I was hooked. A lot of characters to keep track of but certainly worth the effort; very amusing. One character stood out, Doris 

  3. who ran the public house and kept customers interested by using the resident ghost, but also entertained the men by other

  4.  means. She seemed to me to be worthy of a few television episodes; “such fun!”.
    Ronald Wood

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ms Willis writes beautifully and with great insight. Much fun to read and the living characters are sympathetically

  6.                        portrayed. I never realised that ghosts too have their problems.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    This refreshingly well written book with its whimsical entertaining style held my interest throughout.
    A thoroughly good read & to be recommended to those who enjoy something different & an escape into the world 

  8.                         of fantasy & humour.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    A thoroughly English tale of a rather eccentric ghost, Adelina who takes us on a frolic through the Cotswolds as

  10.                       she enlists help from mortals and fellow ghosts alike in her endeavours to be reunited with her dear departed 

  11.                        husband! Great fun!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Pros: A multi faceted and light hearted tale with a wonderfully descriptive narrative.
    Cons: It’s a shame there isn’t a sequel.

  13. Rated 4 out of 5


    Guys and Ghosts, both give smiles.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    A light, easy read. Adelina who is the eighteenth century resident ghost of Chinkton Manor sets the scene throughout the book which
    flicks back to present day. Adelina has a wonderful way of making you feel almost like a child again filling up your
    imagaination with thoughts of child hood fears, dreams and she makes you laugh out loud at some of the situations
    she gets into – It was fun and funny to read and certainly nothing like anything I have read recently in my bookclub.
    Also having had the added bonus of meeting up with the author herself (who I must say, is a most charming woman and most entertaining)
    I felt I could easily connect with the characters – A must read for escapism.

       AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN - Jane Lockyer Willis

Original monologues & duologues for the older actor 

Pub: Stage Scripts Ltd


"... a perfect example of the craft of miniature play-writing..." 

Prof Ken Pickering


Short Play Scripts: 'An English Country Garden' by Jane Lockyer Willis

Written for actors who wish to explore character, emotion and motivation, the author has penned an entertaining anthology comprising thirteen monologues and five duologues

Each piece is complete in itself with the entire anthology offering a wide range of choice and content, both amusing and sad, capturing not only the essence of aspects of British life but also the deep issues that lie beneath the apparently idyllic surface. The pieces range in length from three to seven minutes

They can be performed for auditions, festivals and party pieces, or tailored towards an evening's entertainment. Just the book to have on your shelf when you need a few minutes entertainment!


  • Colour Me Beautiful (1f) 3 mins
  • Waiting For Jesus (1m) 6 mins
  • An English Country Garden (1f) 4 mins
  • I Only Want to Help (1f) 7 mins
  • Mr Right (1f) 7 mins
  • Time And Tide Wait For No Man (1f) 7 mins
  • Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1f) 5 mins
  • Tricksie (1m) 3 mins
  • And Your Name Is? (1f) 3 mins
  • Adagio (1m) 4 mins
  • Hear My Prayer (1f) 4 mins
  • Hard Hats Should Be Worn (1m) 4 mins
  • Flim-Flam (1m) 4 mins


  • I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (2m) 7 mins
  • Deception (2f) 5 mins
  • In The Nick Of Time (1m, 1f) 4 mins
  • Open To The Public (2f) 4 mins
  • Two Portraits (2f) 4 mins