Two novels - one book of short stories: 

The Misadventures of two small time crooks.

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On the Fiddle is available in paperback and ebook.

'Two ladies, a string of pearls and a grave intent.
Will they manage to pull off the perfect crime?'
A humorous tale of intrigue, catastrophe, and surprising revelations.

Review from Sixtyplusurfers magazine

'I found Jane’s novel to be thoroughly entertaining, amusing and affectionate. Each chapter was a short story in itself, the plot moved at a pace, was unpredictable and beautifully constructed.

I particularly enjoyed the scenes involving the magic show and the main

characters’ encounter with a herd of lively pigs. The story held my interest throughout, the ending was unexpected and Jane tied up the loose ends in a very satisfying manner.'

'Just to say how very much I enjoyed 'On the Fiddle.' It was a really pleasant read with some lovely scenes. I particularly enjoyed the episode with the conjuror in the village hall. Nice to have an epilogue rounding it all up. I think there's room for a sequel.' (D.L)

'I enjoyed ”On The Fiddle,' the story of two small- time crooks, Melanie and Henrietta, in the village of Mallowmarsh. The author’s insightful descriptions of their misadventures is also vivid and humorous. Bertie’s magic show in the village hall was great fun, then the appearance of a surprise guest at a party, and a holiday visit to a farm ,changes Mel and Henri’s future lives.'

‘A delightful novel that leads you into the life of a petty criminal who justifies and practically normalises the theft of property. There is nothing sinister about these characters, just a playful thrill of the steal. Their journey to steal the pearls revealed several unexpected discoveries but in the end justice was served. You are taken back into Mel and Henri’s past to understand how they became who they are now, and it is the past that finally takes them into different directions. I began to care about the characters and I wanted to know what happens next to them, which is a sign of an enjoyable few hours of escapism, which is what we need these days’.   (A.D.)



  TSL Books

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'Twenty tales to delight and treasure'

'A delightful potpourri by a writer who captures the  reader's imagination with each narrative. 
I thoroughly enjoyed each twist and turn.'

Comprises 20 eclectic stories to move and amuse.


 'I really enjoyed the stories, especially as I rarely read fiction. I learnt a lot through reading your book. Thank you so much'. 

'A delightful collection of stories dissecting mostly middle-class mores which, on the one hand, offer them the respect they deserve and, on the other, hang them out to dry. The playing field is often Miss Marple country and the level of shock at the revelations modest by any standards . . . but the characters are beautifully drawn and the depth of impact on those involved can be devastating. And there are gems amongst them. The Visit - don't we all have an Isobel in our lives? Something Unspoken - where in fact there are all sorts of things that have gone unspoken; it took me two readings to unravel them all. Miss Henry - I am certain she taught me too. 5 Gresham Place - well, no modest revelations there, far from it! Amongst the herbaceous borders and cream teas there is something for everyone.'

'A broad selection of short stories with varied themes that hold the interest of the reader. In short, a very enjoyable book.'


    ' I enjoyed reading Tea at The Opalaco which is the latest book written by Jane Lockyer Willis. I thought the stories most entertaining & varied with good descriptive writing. They certainly held one’s attention & were a good commentary on life!'

'I’d certainly recommend it as ‘a good read.’ 

'Jane Lockyer Willis has delighted with an eclectic mix of short stories in Tea at the Opalaco and other stories.Tales full of real life characters, bruised by upbringing or hiding feelings behind a veneer of socially acceptable behavior then rebelling and throwing off the conventions. Ghostly happenings and much more.'

'I particularly liked 'Tin Wedding' A thoroughly enjoyable read.'

'Thoroughly enjoyed these delightful, satisfying stories, written with a humorous edge.'


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Take an old English manor in an old English village; add a handful of ghosts, two psychics, a vicar, a curate, a haunted pub and you have all the ingredients for a funny story. This fast moving, merry read makes an ideal gift for anyone with a sense of fun and who enjoys pure entertainment.


'A thoroughly English tale of a rather eccentric ghost, Adelina, who takes us on a frolic through the Cotswolds as she enlists help from mortals and fellow ghosts alike in her endeavours to be reunited with her dear departed husband, Egbert.'

'Guys and ghosts both give smiles.'

'Jane Lockyer Willis is an astounding talent with a gift for penetrating the human condition at its very core. I love this story and the authenticity of each and every character within it.'

'A multi faceted and light hearted tale with a wonderfully descriptive narrative.'

'Ms Willis writes beautifully and with great insight. Much fun to read and the living characters are sympathetically portrayed. I never realised that ghosts had their problems!.'

'This refreshingly well written novel with its whimsical entertaining style held my interest throughout. A thoroughly good read and to be recommended to those who enjoy something different and an escape into the world of fantasy.'