Jane trained at The  Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying English, Speech and Drama.

 Past experience includes the stage - amateur and professional; acting in plays for BBC World Service Radio and teaching. For many years I ran own company: Speakwell Communications offering tuition to adults in public speaking, pronunciation and presentation skills. 

Jane has written both full length and one act plays and also plays for audio theatre.

 As a keen artist, I paint acrylics. Some are now for sale on this site, so please take a little time to look at my work.  

Jane's email address: janelockyerw@yahoo.co.uk 
To order paintings or help with queries.

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Spotlight Publications: wwwpanto@gmail.com
One act plays.

Stage Scripts:  http://shop.stagescripts.com/
'Cocoa and Cuddles'
Full length Comedic drama  (3males/4females)
Playwrights Publishing  Company:
'Teddy Bears Picnic'
Full Length play
'Here we go Round the Roundabout'
Full length (Broad comedy) (4m/3 to 4 f)


Lazy Bee Scripts:-
'A Trifle Unwell.'  (One Act comedy)


Original monologues & duologues for the actor 

Pub: Stage Scripts Ltd


"... a perfect example of the craft of miniature play-writing..." 

Prof Ken Pickering


Short Play Scripts: 'An English Country Garden' by Jane Lockyer Willis

Written for actors who wish to explore character, emotion and motivation, the author has penned an entertaining anthology comprising thirteen monologues and five duologues

Each piece is complete in itself with the entire anthology offering a wide range of choice and content, both amusing and sad, capturing not only the essence of aspects of British life but also the deep issues that lie beneath the apparently idyllic surface. The pieces range in length from three to seven minutes

They can be performed for auditions, festivals and party pieces, or tailored towards an evening's entertainment. Just the book to have on your shelf when you need a few minutes entertainment!


  • Colour Me Beautiful (1f) 3 mins
  • Waiting For Jesus (1m) 6 mins
  • An English Country Garden (1f) 4 mins
  • I Only Want to Help (1f) 7 mins
  • Mr Right (1f) 7 mins
  • Time And Tide Wait For No Man (1f) 7 mins
  • Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1f) 5 mins
  • Tricksie (1m) 3 mins
  • And Your Name Is? (1f) 3 mins
  • Adagio (1m) 4 mins
  • Hear My Prayer (1f) 4 mins
  • Hard Hats Should Be Worn (1m) 4 mins
  • Flim-Flam (1m) 4 mins


  • I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (2m) 7 mins
  • Deception (2f) 5 mins
  • In The Nick Of Time (1m, 1f) 4 mins
  • Open To The Public (2f) 4 mins
  • Two Portraits (2f) 4 mins

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A TRIFLE UNWELL - A one act comedy
'A light drama with added custard and sherry'

   Jo's hiding from the rest of the party out on the stairs, but she's disturbed by Flora, who's escaping with the trifle.

A Trifle Unwell by Jane Lockyer Willis
RolesMinimum Male roles = 1. Minimum Female roles = 3. Minimum total with doubling = 4. Minimum total without doubling = 4. No chorus.
Run TimeAround 25 minutes. [Estimated!]
StyleOne-act play, single set. Difficult to categorise, but plenty of scope for characterisation. Contains mild swearing.
SynopsisJo's hiding from the rest of the party out on the stairs, but she's disturbed by Flora, who's escaping with the trifle. The pair meet Phil, who shouldn't really be there and then the hostess comes along to ask some searching questions. A light drama with added custard and sherry.
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Performed with The Pump House Theatre Company, Watford 




A black comedy in 2 acts: 3 males 4 females/single set

Published by Stage Scripts



(To read Synopsis view under 'Full length plays' on this site)

This play Produced




When searching for a play, I wanted to find something that was quirky, but thought -provoking and practical for a small group such as ours to perform. I read seven or eight plays but none of them really ticked the boxes for me. However as soon as I started reading Cocoa and Cuddles I knew that I had found the play that I was looking for - it was a real 'Eureka moment.' I truly believe it to be a gem of a play.

Artistic Directors say:

‘Tithe Farm Players performed Cocoa and Cuddles in July.   It was a wonderful play for the cast in as much as the characters were people that you could really develop; and it gave a great opportunity to form deep relationships with each other.   Could really recommend to any drama group....the set can be simplified if necessary.   Feedback from our audiences was very positive.'

 Publisher  TSL Publications say:

‘I had the privilege of attending the premier production of Cocoa and Cuddles by Jane Lockyer Willis and performed by Tithe Farm Players in Rayners lane on 7th July.

Jane’s weaving of the interactions between the seven characters is gently witty and insightful, no doubt aided by the wonderful interpretation of the cast and director..

The play is multi-layered: the characters laugh, they cry as in everyday life and eventually triumph over adversity.



Published by: Playwright's Publishing company


Comedy– adult group

3 males, 3 females

Single set - bedroom


Jim and Rowena embark on a weekend break with friends, Patrick and Betty. Tensions arise when Rowena discovers that she has picked up Betty’s suitcase by mistake. What does she find there? And what does Jim discover when rummaging through his wife’s suitcase? The drink flows and the confessions begin. As things go from bad to worse, enter Bruce, the local eccentric, who at night, frequents the hotel corridors. Through their mutual love of churches, Jim finds in Bruce, a friend and ally.



Published by Playwright's Publishing Company


4m 4f


 Harry, an aspiring out of work young actor, is very behind with the rent for his bed-sitting room. Desperate for money, he hatches a plot to persuade his stepfather Alban, a retired bank manager, to come to his rescue. Alban arrives only to discover that Harry's attractive landlady is an old flame of his, a woman who still arouses past passions. When they all meet in Heather's sitting room, together with Harry's pregnant girl-friend, hilarious complications ensue. A Satnav, which refuses to switch off and insists on giving advice, adds to the fun.

 4 m & 4 f

'Jane's dialogue is very good and her experienced directions are impeccable.'

Bernard Knight CBE - Novelist and scriptwriter

Author of the CROWNER JOHN series of fifteen medieval mysteries

Author of the Dr Richard Pryor series of 1950's forensic tales.